Student blogging challenge

Student blogging Challenge

Eddie Betts, what is your favourite play?
Joel Parkenson, what is your favourite surf spot?
Chis Yarren , who do you look for the most when you have the ball?
Kelly Slater, what was your favourrite world tile?
Mick Fanning, How did you feel when you beat Kelly Slater in the Bells beach ripcurl pro.
Usain Bolt, what was your favourite Olympic games?
Coby Bryant, what is your favourite shot?
Michael Jackson, what is your favourite song to sing?
Michael Jorden, why do you like playying basketball?
Ned Kelly, how did you make your armer?

One thought on “Student blogging challenge

  1. G’day Billy,
    You are definitely a sports fan but I like the question for Ned Kelly. I wonder how he would have answered you?

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