Casper flip

This is a casper flip.

A Casper flip is when you slide your foot up the board and at the same time you do a half kickflip.
Your back foot spins the board around your front foot and you land.

If you don’t land straight and you land side ways you will properly fall.
The video is good because it slows it down, so you get a good idea of what it looks like.
Casper flips are street tricks are really cool, when there sped up.

Minecraft Quiz

Q: What mob is brown and white?

Q: What is blue and you see and you find at lava level?

Q: What is the first block you see once you have downloaded Minecraft?

Q: What is green and creepy?

Q: How do you make obsidian?

Q: What is the most powerful sword in Minecraft?

Q: How do you finish Minecraft?

Q: How many ingots does it take to make a iron block?

Q: How many slots are in your inventory?

Answer in your comments down below |

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During sleep

During sleep
I see magical places
Where I can do anything I imagine
And I can make it how I like it
But after a few minutes
I start to lose control
And I now see a dark room
During sleep.









When the sun rises

When the sun rises
My eye lids twitch
I feel the hot rays fill the room
My eyes start to open
I try to force them shut
But the sun overcomes them
When the sun rises.






The sky darkens

The sky darkens
I’m forced to retreat to my bed
I feel the cold air dance on my toes
And I pull my blankets over my head
As the sky darkens.








Wherever I am

Where ever I am
I stop and listen
I hear the world go around me
I watch the wind blow the leaves around
Like they’re racing for a gold medal
I hear the waves crashing down
I hear the cars rumbling on the road
Wherever I am.