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During sleep

During sleep
I see magical places
Where I can do anything I imagine
And I can make it how I like it
But after a few minutes
I start to lose control
And I now see a dark room
During sleep.









When the sun rises

When the sun rises
My eye lids twitch
I feel the hot rays fill the room
My eyes start to open
I try to force them shut
But the sun overcomes them
When the sun rises.






The sky darkens

The sky darkens
I’m forced to retreat to my bed
I feel the cold air dance on my toes
And I pull my blankets over my head
As the sky darkens.








Wherever I am

Where ever I am
I stop and listen
I hear the world go around me
I watch the wind blow the leaves around
Like they’re racing for a gold medal
I hear the waves crashing down
I hear the cars rumbling on the road
Wherever I am.