Big Idea

Big idea reflection

I think my sharing session went well because the people who came were interested in what we were saying and they listened to everything we had to tall them, but some people thought it was a bit boring .

The good thing was the people listened to what we were saying and they wrote down all the information and they were interesting.

I think we could of made our presentation more exiting and I think we could of done a power point or a movie.

I think we use our time ok but we could of used it a better because we had to do a bit at home.

I went to Daniel and Lincoln’s workshop and I thought they did well but they didn’t have much information. I learnt that a Scottish man wrote the Australian anthem. Next time they could spent a bit more time on researching. They could of been a bit more organised and do some work at home to get it done.

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Aboriginal Technology

Australian Aboriginals hunted and gathered food, moving around land as the seasons changed new foods became available. Aboriginal technology is suited to their lives.

Tools for hunting and gathering


The boomerang is a hunting weopon that is thrown to hit and injure animals. Boomerangs are also used to cut and dig, and as percussion insruments for singging and ceremonies.

Digging stick

Digging sticks are important for getting food. Digging sticks can dig out vegetables, and animals from thier burrows. Digging sticks  can open ant nests and beehives, knock fruit down from trees and dig up shellfish or beach worms.

Spear and spear thower

Spears are long, straight pieces of wood, used for thowing and stabbing. Points of stone, bone or metal can be used as the tip. Barbs of stone or bone can catch the flesh of an animal and make it quikly bleed to death.

A spear thrower  is thin and a flat piece of wood with a hook at one of the ends. It is used like a hand to throw a spear. A hunter  using the spear thrower makes him throw the spear alot faster and further then nommal.

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