I was Walking though the forest and I heard a sound. IT WAS A GIANT BALLOON TRYING TO KILL ME! Dramatic music started playing. Who turned the music on I thought to my self. I start running and running then I came to a fork in the track and I went left, not knowing what I was getting myself into. Then I started thinking, when did balloons want to kill people and when were they alive?! I saw a clearing up ahead I started running as hard as I could.mi looked behind me and the balloon wasn’t there. I stopped, where was it? Did I lose it? or is it… I turned around and looked at the clearing up ahead it was about ten meters away. I could make it there in 20 seconds, but what if the balloon was there waiting to kill me. I start to walk towards the clearing, then I turned off the track. BANG! I turned around and saw a kid standing there and a burst balloon in his hand. “Gotcha.” It was my brother! He was pranking me the whole time.

We have nine planets in our Solar System. These planets circle around the sun this is called orbits. A lot of astronomy people like to think of the Solar System been made up in two parts. We have the Inner Solar System which has Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. These are closest to the sun and are called the terrestrial planets simply because the have very solid rocky surfaces.The Outer Solar System has Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune these are sometimes called the gas giants. Out past Neptune you’ll find the small planet of Pluto which has a solid but icier surface.
These two systems are separated by the asteroid belt. Our Solar System also contains comets, moons, dust, gas and some minor planets.

Every 1 million years or so a comet as heavy as a small mountain will pass Mars amazingly close. The comet will pass the red planet 140,000 away from the surface of the planet. NASA’s Mars rovers will capture the comet.

By Shaun Tan
The Lost Thing is about a man who finds a machine on the beach and doesn’t know what to do with it. After asking many people who it might belong to he decides to find where The Thing would fit in. The book makes you feel reflective and that everything has a place in the world and we should value what we have.
This book is a good book because it gives the reader a different insight or view into those everyday objects that are around us. The Thing is an object that is rejected by others but is seen as something worth saving by others.

The illustrations, done by the author Shaun Tan, are simple but are effective in creating the mood of the story. The style of these pictures in some ways are similar to Joan Miro’s Le Carnaval d’Arlequin. The illustrations set the scene of a dark, gloomy and lonely city.
I recommend this book for all ages. We can take from this book the lesson of acceptance of all that may seem strange and the benefit of helping others.
the lost thing

Ranger’s Apprentice
Author -John Flanagan
The Ranger’s Apprentice is a series of books, written by John Flanagan, takes place in a mythical land called Araluen in the year 643 Common Era. Will the main character is turning twelve and is to decide what job he will train for.
His dream of becoming a knight was unlikely because of his size. The mysterious Halt gave him the chance of being a member of the Ranger Corps.
This book was good because it made me want to read the next boo in the series. I liked the way John Flanagan injected humour into the relationship between Will and Halt.
I recommend the Ranger’s Apprentice for kids in Year 5 and 6 that like a sense of adventure and mystery.

I felt the Icy cold water on my feet, I got startled when the wave of water smashed in to me I walked slowly out until the water was waist high and then I jumped on two my board. The water was unbelievably cold it felt like I was getting pulled in to the icy waters below. I had to duck dive under what felt like a wall of ice.

I got out the back but my hands felt like they where frozen solid. Everything went silent, where did everyone go. I heard a siren from the beach. I new exactly what it was warning me about. A shark. My hart started beating. I started paddling as hard as I could but it felt like I was going no were. I started to panic. I looked around for help but no-one came, I then turned around. That’s when I saw it, my hart dropped when I saw the shark. It bumped me of my board. I splashed around in the water until I stabled myself.

I swam to where I thought was up, I broke the surface of the water. I gasped for air a bit too early and got a mouth full of salty ice water. I looked around for the shark but I couldn’t see it. I heard an engine of a jet ski. A hand came down and I grabbed it. It was what saved me.

Freddy Fasbo’s Pizzeria

The puppets walked on to the stage, I felt so happy.
“Welcome to the the stage Freddy and his friends Chicka the Chicken and Bonnie the Bunny.” As they started singing I had a slice of pizza it was one of the best pizza I ever had the cheese melted in my mouth it was perfect. I turn my attention back to the stage, another puppet was on the stage, he looked like a fox. He came out further then all the rest, he came so close I could touch his raggedy fur. In a second he grabbed me and sank his teeth in to my head. The pain was unbearable. The blood poured down my face. Everything went black.


My Mum

My mother and her twin sister was  born in 1970 and is one of nine kids. She lived in a small town called Apsley. She completed her primary and some of her secondary school years at a near by town called Edenhope. Mum spent two years at boarding school in Ballarat. She had a happy childhood playing mostly outdoors building cubbies, riding bikes and playing in the park across the rode. My mum did not have a t.v. until she was 6years old. Mum completed her teaching degree at ACU in Ballarat. Her first teaching position was in Alice Springs where she spent three years teaching before a year of travel in 1994. She came home and married my Dad in 1996 before moving to teach at an international school in Shanghai China, she stayed there for four years then came back to live in Jan Juc in 2000. The same year she had my older sister.

Text Analysis

Heal the world

Text to world

Heal the world is about living a better life but in the world their are wars going on. In the video there’s kids with house that have blown up, and that’s what’s happening in the world now. There were cannons and that’s what’s happening now. The video was about war and how kids are important and that, kids all over the world are living in dangerous places. There’s wars happening around the world like the Russia and Ukraine, and the Afghanistan. Wars are happening because people want more land or because countries don’t like what other countries are doing. I wouldn’t like it if a war forced me to leave my home or the war made my house get destroyed. The song wanted to get lots of people to listen and make them aware of war going around the world.

Text to self

I would not like it if my house got blown up in war and I had to live on the streets. Heal the world made me feel sad and aware of what kids have to go though. When I watch the news and see that more rockets killed more people I feel lucky to live in Australia. I don’t know how anyone could bomb people that have nothing to do with the war and are just unlucky to live in the country that are in the war. A lot of people have died because of war in the past and probably a lot more in the future. I couldn’t imagine living without food or a house, or get an injury because my country’s at war. War is terrible and if kids are getting killed it’s even worse. The kids in Garza and Ukraine are in danger of getting bombed. I think it is terrible that people can declare war and bomb people because they want more land and power. It’s really bad when people post photos of the crash site in Ukraine because they had photos of dead bodies, because of the surface to air missile attack. I really don’t like war.

Text to text

Heal the world is like My Hiroshima because it has a war in it and the kids got bombed. It’s also like the little refugee because people are leaving their country because of war, but there not making it to where their going. I remember writing a story about war and the person that was in the war was too young to go to war and in My Hiroshima the kids are trained at school to go to war and to kill a person. Heal the world is also like home and away, because in war the kids are normal until war starts and then their ways about living. It also has some things the same as The UNICEF video because they are helping kids and are giving the a better life. UNICEF have to help these kids because of war, famines and dangerous situations. It’s also reminds me of the movie The Book Thief because in a time of war to people from opposite sides came together to make each other’s life happier.

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